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5 essential courses to get started in web development

by oweba
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With these online courses, you can learn everything you need to create apps and web pages from scratch . Web development involves everything that has to do with building and maintaining websites and applications; a web developer takes a kind of background to bring a smooth, fast, and high-performance look and feel to a website or app, resulting in the best user experience.

Web developers are rarely seen, but they are always there, making it work quickly and efficiently.

The knowledge and skills related to web development are the most demanded and also some of the best paid. It is an area with many possibilities and exits, which requires practice and mastery. At Domestika there are many professionals who teach courses, these are 5 essential courses with which you can start in the vast world of web development :

Introduction to JavaScript programming, a course by Javier Usobiaga

JavaScript is considered the “third part of the web” and is one of the programming languages ​​designed to add interactivity to any web page. Together with HTML and CSS, they form the three most important programming pillars. In this course, Javier Usobiaga, web designer and FrontEnd developer, introduces you to JavaScript, starting from the basics to being able to design a memory game with variables, functions, events, sound effects, and important interface details.


Introduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS, a course by Javier Usobiaga

With the basics of Javascript learned, it is time to learn to create web pages with the most fundamental tools: HTML ( HyperText Markup Language ), a markup language used to develop Internet pages; and CSS, a style sheet language created to control the appearance or presentation of electronic documents defined with HTML and XHTML. In this course, Javier teaches you to write your own code and how a website works inside and how to design a responsive website to be more effective.


UX: Usability and User Experience, a course by Daniel Torres Burriel

UX ( User Experience ), known in Spanish as user experience, is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service. A good UX is achieved when useful, usable, and desirable products are designed, which generate some satisfaction in the user. In this course you can learn the basic methodology for designing a user-centered web page, knowing the techniques and phases to perform a good UX during design.


Web development techniques with HTML5 and CSS3, a course by Marta Armada

Marta Armada is a web designer specializing in UX, responsive, and front-end design, and in this course, she teaches you to improve your web development skills by analyzing different HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. You will learn about semantics, gradients, shadows, forms, animations, and flexbox, among many other things, that will allow you to improve and optimize your web pages.


Interface Design with Sketch, a course by Javier Cuello

Knowing the skeleton of the web, the best way to design UX, and learning the best techniques to optimize your pages or applications, it is time to learn how to design brilliant apps easily and quickly. To do this, the UX designer, Javier Cuello, will teach you to create beautiful and easy-to-use interfaces using Sketch, an application to design user interfaces with vector design that allows you to check the final result directly from the mobile device.


Start to capture, structure, design, and optimize your web ideas with Domestika’s online courses on web development, where you will find numerous professionals who will show you their way of working so that you learn from the best.

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