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#5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2022

by John
5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2022

With the advancement of the digital world, almost all businesses, small or large, organizations, governments and corporations are dependent on online systems to manage day-to-day business making cybersecurity a key objective to protect data from online attacks or unauthorized.

With time, cybersecurity threats are becoming more complex as cybercriminals are getting smarter and slyer with their hacking. It is time to take necessary preventive measures and keep your data protected against cybercrime.

In this article, we have brought to you several trends that are highly likely to impact the cybersecurity industry.

  1. Personalization and Customization

Companies have significantly increased staff training and awareness as scams have become a regular occurrence.

This has led to users keeping a higher vigilance and can identify the common scams. In order to overcome this, scammers and cybercriminals are enhancing their tactics to make their attempts look more authentic.

The coming year will witness phishing attacks taking a more sophisticated form. Rather than the usual strategies, cybercriminals are developing a new approach in order to leverage more personalized and customized attacks based on data extracted from social media outlets.

These sophisticated phishing attacks may be a lot harder to distinguish from authentic communications.

  1. Aiming at a Remote Workforce

Due to the pandemic, the number of employees working remotely as increased and will probably remain this way moving forward. As the pandemic continues, companies are adapting to the hybrid work models.

Because of all the individual work individual work environments, the risk of cyber-attacks aimed at remote employees likely to increase in scale as well as number. Employees who are using their personal networks have a much higher chance of becoming victims of cybercriminals.

Physical or traditional office settings assure that in-house employees are protected. However, it is much more challenging to do so with remote employees.

  1. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Attacks

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry are evolving rapidly and are becoming more and more attractive with each passing day. Since crypto transactions are digital, it is necessary for cybersecurity measures to be taken to safeguard against instances of security breaches, identity theft and other significant threats.

No investor or a company dealing with cryptocurrency wants their information to be compromised, making it is essential for companies to consider investing in their IT infrastructure and safeguarding themselves in the event of a cyber-attack.

  1. Data Breaches

Data has and will always be a significant concern for companies. Protecting digital data is a fundamental objective now. With a minor flaw or bug present in your system browser, your data becomes a vulnerable for attackers to access personal information.

  1. Enterprise API Ecosystem Exposing Vulnerabilities

Cyber attackers usually use the lateral movement approach to infiltrate a company’s whole network after they launch their attack. In 2021, many companies experienced the ransomware-as-a-service group and remote-control software in a ransomware attack.

This did not only affect the company but also had a significant impact on its managed service provider customers as well as their end-users.

In the coming year, it is expected that the number of attacks that include the lateral movement approach will increase. They will use this strategy for internal networks and launch it into a partner network by using misconfigured enterprise APIs. This is likely to allow potential threat actors to obtain access into an organization’s extended ecosystem.

The primary job of a security team in 2022 is to monitor closely these trends and threats in the cybersecurity landscape to stay ahead of any attacks and continue to grow their businesses. here are some important cybersecurity tips for small business

Safeguarding valuable data and assets with intensive staff training and a strong cybersecurity strategy are the way to help businesses to stay ahead of their enemy and maintain business continuity.

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