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5 Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software

by Nicemon Jose
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Productivity is of utmost concern to every organization. Management uses exclusively prepared formulae for creating a constructive environment in the workplace. The world has been in the gruesome hands of the pandemic for about a couple of years. With vaccination drives in progress, it is slowly recuperating back to life. Hopefully, everything will be on track by the end of this year.

Even though we are fighting back strongly, we cannot say it is safe yet. Companies still maintain a vigil to keep the employees safe. The health of the staff is of paramount importance to maintain the productivity high. That’s where office hoteling can be advantageous for the firms. A proper office hoteling software would help improve the efficiency of the man-management.

Why Do You Need Office Hoteling and Office Hoteling Software?

Office hoteling has become popular owing to its usefulness. An office hoteling software aids in handling the management part, choosing shifts, and advance booking of seats easier than a manual method.

The important features of office hoteling software include:

  • Transparency – The employees will have clear visibility concerning the availability of slots and bookings. It is convenient to select the slot and mark it for the next shift. Maintaining a register or system-based data would need the individual to check the availability one by one. Causing wastage of time, besides creating confusion.
  • Hygiene – Even though a hygienic working atmosphere is essential always, the pandemic scenario amplified the requirement. An office hoteling software would indicate the seats and spaces occupied by the employees in the previous shift. The cleaning and maintenance staff can carry out the tidying and antiviral measures accordingly.
  • Tracking – Contact tracing, tracking and monitoring would be easy with the advanced office hoteling software installed. The digital footprint of the employee could be used for tracking all the requisite details.
  • Attendance – The entity can use the office hoteling software for marking the attendance of the employees. It will also provide the necessary info in a single click, whenever the management wants it.

What are the Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software?

Office hoteling software would be a productive solution to allot workspace, manage men and monitor safety and security. The top 5 benefits of the software are:

Offering Space for Important and Urgent Works

An organization would have jobs of varying priority. The work assignments that are nearing the date of submission and those with high stakes involved could be prioritized accordingly. And space for the same is reserved in advance. The other staff in the firm would be able to see the allocation and can adjust their shifts based on that.

Allocation of Time and Resources

Companies can use the office hoteling software for dividing resources equally among the staff. This would avoid chances of complaints and internal conflicts. The software would aid in a clear understanding of the division.

Minimising Operational and Maintenance Expenditures

Why hire a large office space if you have fewer employees working simultaneously? The company can save on budget by installing the office hoteling software and making use of it. The office timing could be on a shift basis depending on different teams. The team leaders can discuss among themselves and determine the timing to work. Only those teams, which are required to work in tandem, may be in the office simultaneously. The other teams can work in the other shifts. Reducing the working space itself would save a lot of money in rent, electricity, and maintenance.

Working Shifts between Home and Office

Most of the companies, predominantly IT-based, are observing work from home for a majority of their employees. A certain number of workers would be visiting the office and work from there on a case-to-case basis. Installing the office hoteling software is vital in this case. There won’t be any confusion regarding the availability of space or the allocation of shifts for different team members. The team leader can book slots for the staff to arrive at the office, on a particular day and the timings. It can be vice versa as well. The team members can book a workspace based on the standing instructions from the management.

Easy Intersection Collaborations

The office hoteling software would be helpful in the intersection and inter-person collaborations. Such close cooperation would strengthen mutual bonding and promote a healthy work culture. A comfortable and convenient way of booking workspace and working slots have a significant role in easing the working process.

Office hoteling software is the need of the hour. If you own an entity or an important member of the management, you must explore the software. It would be useful for augmenting the productivity of your entity. Alternatively, you may consider using the software on a trial basis. And continue with the office hoteling software only if proven worthy.


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