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4 Major Reasons Why Is My GMAIL Not Receiving Emails? Find Out How to Fix It

by smithworld
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The question of why my Gmail is not receiving emails is commonly asked by almost everyone who uses the internet and email like me. The technical reason why is my Gmail not receiving emails is not fully understood by many users of the internet and email like me. There are many possible reasons why my gmail not receiving emails. I have listed a few reasons why Gmail is not receiving emails.

Reasons for Gmail not Receiving Emails


The first possible reason why my gmail is not receiving emails is because of your account filters. Gmail accounts filter some kinds of emails as spam. Some people do not know that their filters block some important emails from their inbox such as newsletters, test drives, updates from Google, etc. If you are one of those people who get daily emails from Google or any other company, I recommend you to disable your Gmail filters and make sure your emails come from the 15 gb storage and not from your trash.


The second reason why emails not receiving gmail is related to your Gmail account settings. Gmail account settings may be outdate. To fix this problem, you need to upgrade your Gmail to the latest version. If your Gmail does not have the latest version, you can download Google’s older version of gmail sync settings. The latest sync settings are more reliable than the previous one or the previous versions before it received the upgrade from Google. So, if your gmail account settings are not update with the latest version of Google, you should upgrade your Gmail and see if it fixes the receiving emails issue.


The third reason why is my gmail not receiving emails is related to your Google Drive preferences. Before you use your Drive application, you should turn off all the unnecessary features. These include the not so useful filters, spam control, etc. If you have turned off all these features in your Google Drive settings, it might make your email not able to go directly into your Inbox.


The fourth reason gmail not receiving emails on iphone is caused by the antivirus utilities. Sometimes, viruses can disrupt the start-up process of your computer. If you are using antivirus utilities, run antivirus scans on your computer at least once a week and make sure that your computer is not under virus attack. If you don’t know how to start the antivirus scanning, you can get help from your network administrator or software support.

At the end!

If none of the above reasons given are the reasons for your non-fails in receiving gmail in the web browser, then it might just be a matter of your web browser not opening all emails. To fix this issue, you can always try using Yahoo’s Mail. In Yahoo Mail, you can click the “solutions” link right next to the sender’s name. From the “Solution to Stop Fails in Yahoo Mail” section, you can click the option “pediatrics”. This should fix your non-fails in receiving Gmail in the web browser.

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