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3 Ways Employers Gain From Having Video Surveillance System Installation

by pankajnirania
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There are different benefits associated with investing in business video surveillance systems. With the great advancements and affordability of business security cameras, all such benefits can now be enjoyed by companies of all sizes. Let’s look at the 3ways employers benefit.

Curb Employee Theft

Employee Theft is a serious concern in the UAE. Truth be told, a great percentage of businesses literally go bankrupt due to employee theft. These facts are enough to keep business owners awake at night. A lot of business owners are resorting to going for video surveillance system installation to monitor their employees. Smart business owners are investing in video surveillance systems with unlimited storage and remote access functionality. Remote access provides you the option to view your video cameras, from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. If you are seeking to boost your bottom line then installing a video security camera system should be your next move.

Watch Off Limit Areas Closely

In most establishments, there are areas where some employees aren’t allowed. These are often the sensitive areas such as the accounting or bookkeeper’s office, the boss’s office, etc. When something is missing you may imagine that you are going crazy. Else, you begin to suspect almost everyone who works for you. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to be able to view who was in those private areas?

At a minimum, you would get a chance to find out if you misplaced something and where you put it. Security camera systems with unlimited video storage come useful in several different ways. These systems add an extra layer of security that all businesses require. If you have ever had something stolen or misplaced anything, you will benefit immensely from a video surveillance system with unlimited storage.

Protect Yourself Against Phony Liability Lawsuits

It seems that some individuals live their entire life trying to take advantage of others. You could have seen this in your business dealings. Or then you can ask any property management company who was the victim of a bogus liability lawsuit. In business, you should protect yourself against those who try to play on you. One of the ways that you can adopt is to go for video surveillance system installation, which has unlimited video storage.

The Conclusion

Business security cameras also allow managers and business owners to have insights on the problems concerning customer service. They get to spot any weaknesses in the customer service techniques used by employees and take measures to improve.


  1. Which is better: a network video recorder (NVR) or a digital video recorder (DVR)?

The cost, how the data is sent, and the type of cameras involved are the main differences between DVR and NVR security systems. NVR systems feature superior picture quality, are quicker to set up, have more flexibility, and native audio capabilities on every camera with a microphone.

  1. What is the difference between surveillance and security cameras?

Security cameras, often known as CCTV cameras, transmit data from one site to a monitor located at a distance, whereas surveillance cameras employ IP networks to connect the camera from a remote point to the assigned security location.

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