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3 essential keys to creating the best coupon design

by davidparryt

Response to direct mail increased significantly in 2016. According to the DMA, these were the highest percentages since 2003. The response to the internal list was 5.3% and the response to the probable list 2 was 0.9%. With numbers like this, the competition for redemption of coupon and digital vouchers will only increase in 2017. This means that best coupon design that catches and attracts the attention of your target audience is more important than ever.

Yes, 81% of NCH consumers use coupons regularly. You must have loyal customers who will always support you and use your coupons, regardless of your offer. But we bet that the main reason to use coupons is to attract new opportunities to test your business. So it’s time to roll up your sleeves and go for Coupon management system that can create as effective as possible.

Valpak has developed the best ways to create rewards coupons: Coupon Appearance Book to help you be creative with your coupons from start to finish. Here are the highlights for creating an effective coupon, but to get the most out of best practices and coupon examples, download our free Coupon Look book. To increase the response and usage of your coupons, you need to think about three things: title, design, and presentation.

3 essential keys for Creating the best coupon design

Key 1: Coupon Title

What makes your coupon special? It starts with the title. This is the first thing potential customers see and the most important thing to fix. Consumers usually look at headlines, so you need to make sure the consumer wants to read the rest. There are a few things to consider when it comes to headlines.
When asked “What’s mine?” Answer.
Get to know your audience – Create headlines that create a need or want
Keep your titles short – up to 8 words
Of course, the title should be at the top of the design.

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Key 2: Coupon Image

The best coupon designs include headlines and images to enhance your offer. When posting, it is always best to use images as you will benefit from consumer sentiment. In other words, it is important that the image is positive, happy and familiar with consumers, which leads to the formation of relationships. A positive image not only connects joy with the brand, but also makes advertising more attractive and consumers more willing to act. Remember that one large image is better than multiple smaller images. The best coupon plans are envy and encourage consumers to act immediately.

Key 3: Providing a coupon

I got their attention with headlines and images, so I attract them with clear, concise a helpful suggestions. Your specific offer depends on your target audience and your industry, but the goal is always the same: to increase the value of your brand to consumers. You can try a few suggestions to reach a larger audience and test their effectiveness. Pay close attention to expiration dates and encourage customers to act quickly. Also, make sure the disclaimer is clear so you don’t get into trouble. Avoid the “bait and switch” approach. It may attract consumers, but it rarely converts them into customers.

Create the best coupon design today

Spend some time looking at past direct mail announcements and your coupon plans. Is there any way to improve it in the future by using these 3 tips for getting the best coupon design? Focusing on doing these three important things correctly will surely give you a higher success rate. Want to know more about coupon design and direct mail? Want to see some successful examples and learn best practices for vouchers? Download our free coupon guide and use it as a guide to making future DMs. You can also contact a Valpak representative for assistance.

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