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2022 Smart Homes: Everything You Need to Know.

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2022 Smart Homes: Everything You Need to Know.

The beauty of having a smart home is its ability to monitor things independently. Although our homes have come a long way in terms of advancements, the future of the property market lies predominantly in its design and function. Smart homes are becoming increasingly sought after on the property market, as societally, we move towards a digital age in which technology is predominantly at the heart of all things. As the property market becomes even more competitive in 2022, perhaps investing in a smart home is the next step. Here at We Buy Any House, we’ve compiled a mini guide on everything you need to know about smart homes.

What is a Smart Device?

We talk about smart devices so often, but the reality is that sometimes we’re not even sure what we’re talking about. Before we get into the benefits of owning a smart home, let’s discuss the definition of what exactly is a smart device. To put it simply, a smart device is any type of electronic device that can be connected to and interact with other smart devices, or smartphone, tablet or voice activator.

What is a Smart Home?

Throughout the process of making your home a smart home, you will see that your property changes to essentially a hub which you can speak to and engage with. Opting to change to a smart home will allow your home to collect unique information about you as a homeowner and how you run your home, ultimately enabling you to control all your home systems from one place- which is typically your smartphone.

How Can I Make My House a Smart Home?

  • Upgrade Your Wi-Fi: If you are going to upgrade to a smart home, then you will more than likely need to upgrade your Wi-Fi. All smart homes devices will need to connect to the internet, so it’s important that you make sure your Wi-Fi is strong enough to handle all devices and their shared connections. You may want to consider investing in multiple routers.
  • Identify Your Needs: Smart homes can be expensive, so it’s important to know what you want before you buy anything. Identify the areas of your home which you focus on the most or need the most help- and this way you will be able to work out what you will need to meet your needs.
  • Do Your Research: When it comes to smart homes, there are many options and variations of smart home systems, so it’s important to do your research and see which one is best suited for you before you settle.

Benefits of a Smart Home:

Independent Monitoring for Homes:

Nowadays, everything in your home can be run via technology. From heating and air conditioning systems to kitchen appliances and security systems- there is no stone left unturned when it comes to the power of technology in the household. One of the huge benefits of having an automated home in 2022 is that it will give your property independence and allow you to control things at your disposal via your smartphone. This way, you will be able to have a lot more control and authority as to how your property is run, and you can make decisions based on what works best for you as a homeowner.

Maximised Home Security:

By investing in a smart home, you can increase the security measures you have put in place around your property. Your surveillance features can soar, and as there are so many options, you can find something that works best for you. From camera systems to automated door locks, motion detectors and intercom systems that can be controlled via smartphone- this technology is a lot more reliable than a lock and bolt on your front door. Additionally, you can choose to receive notifications on your phone, which will allow you to be instantly reactive to any security breaches in your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency:

Depending on what type of smart home system you invest in, you can begin to make your home more energy efficient. By having appliances that control the heating and cooling system, alongside various appliances, you can programme your home to make it more energy efficient. This is due to the fact that smart homes work to your schedule, so for example, your heating system can be timed for when you enter and exit your home, therefore you won’t be wasting expenses on systems when they aren’t needed.

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