20 social media ideas to keep your brands feed fresh

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What is the most challenging aspect of running any social media campaign? Inventing new concepts. Marketers must manage several media accounts to keep them up to date with recent posts. It is not easy. Your fans are hungry for fresh material, and you are supposed to have it regularly. However, if you continually repeat the same messages, your social feeds will begin to sound like old-school boring feeds. That is why brands should have a variety of social media ideas on hand. We’ve compiled a list of 20 social media ideas for businesses of all sizes. For those who like to prevent their social feeds from being stale.

daily updates

Begin a series in which you can engage with your fans and followers daily. By consistently delivering meaningful content, you can instill in your audience a desire to see specific content from your brand.

Have games or giveaways

When it comes to fans’ future engagement, running an occasional contest is one of the most impactful social media concepts.

Design AMA

An AMA (ask me anything) collection, which is popular, represents an excellent opportunity to educate and engage your followers. AMAs are question-and-answer sessions in which you can express your knowledge, perspectives, and insights.

Conduct a social media takeover

Takeovers give someone else control of your social media accounts for a set period, usually 24 hours. Handing off your social presence to an influencer or celebrity with a large, engaged following is a great way to get your company in front of new faces while still injecting a unique voice into your account if you’re running low on social media post ideas. You may even delegate your account to someone else in your business to spice up your feed.

Share everything

notice that not all of the advertising on your social feeds need to be your own. In truth, traditional wisdom says it shouldn’t be. As mentioned by ghostwriting services near me Promoting other related brands, blogs, and photographs from your fans is a brilliant content idea that reveals you’re not just a parrot in your industry’s conversation.

Make videos

For modern brands, video content marketing has become a must-do. Unfortunately, many people believe that investing in the video is too complicated or out of their price range.

Recycle the content

Beyond the original format, you can suggest additional ideas supporting each blog post or video you create on social media

Collaborate with other brands

Co-marketing is a win-win arrangement for both parties. Two companies collaborate on a campaign or piece of material, such as a webinar, ebook, or special promotion. Each corporation gains attention to the audience of the other.

Create tutorials

Blog posts aren’t the only place where your readers can be educated. Though articles are an excellent tool for breaking down step-by-step guidelines, social media can be equally efficient. Buzzfeed creates Instagram videos of delectable meals that are broken down into actionable measures. Each video is brief and to the point but detailed.

Go live sessions

Responding to fans in real-time, whether you’re vlogging from your car or hosting a Q&A session, creates a more intimate bond for your fans.

Involve customers

Sprout uses case studies to highlight customers. In addition to expressing gratitude to businesses who use our apps, those surveys provide potential consumers with social media suggestions to implement themselves.

Conduct an interview.

Using social media as an alternative to a conventional question and answer session is now potentially easier than ever to conduct an interview. Interviewing a relevant influencer or expert in your field, whether by Twitter or Facebook Live, is the ideal combination of education and entertainment.

Create a meme

Brands need not be afraid to flaunt their sense of humor.

Use hot trends

Trending trends on Twitter and Facebook provide an opportunity for advertisers to focus on timely news. Although you have a small window of time for such content to be necessary, topical posts will generate much traffic.

Request to tag mates

The act of questioning is a simple way to get more eyes on your social channels.

Manage religious-exclusive promotion.

While marketers can avoid bombarding their fans with discounts and promotions, social media ideas like Facebook carousel advertising will help you generate a financial ROI from your social presence.

Take a poll of the followers

Twitter polls, for example, are a one-click way to get a pulse on your fans. Polls do not have to be formal, nor do they have to be sales-related. Since social media is a dialogue, be open to hearing from your followers.

Interact with your fans

To expand on the idea of social media as a dialogue, marketers should still respond to their fans. Your audience’s time is significant, and responding reveal that you care.

Share blooper

Brands, at their heart, reflect consumers. Don’t let the intimate aspect of your social feed go away.

Giving your fans a “behind-the-scenes” peek at your business communicates credibility. Taking a photo or video at the workplace doesn’t have to be complicated.

Share your achievement.

Last but not least, marketers must be able to share their successes and wins with their fans.

Have you been included in a prominent publication? Achieve a revenue target? Are you excited about a potential hire? Have you finally had the swanky downtown office?

Inform your fans. Sharing these moments with your fans demonstrates your humanity while still signaling the growth of your company.


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