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10 Ways to Advertise YouTube Channel-[2022]

by Emma jolly
advertise YouTube channel

YouTube and other newcomers are currently having a significant impact on social media, but YouTube still reigns supreme in the world of video sharing. With more than 2.1 billion visitors globally, it is the second most popular website on the internet. Learning how to market your channel is essential if you want to take use of the platform’s possibilities.


The following tips will help you to advertise YouTube channel so that more people will find your channel. Each of these suggestions is basic, practical, and—even better—completely cost-free.

10 smart ways to advertise your YouTube channel

1.Select search engine friendly keywords

Great SEO is the foundation of a great YouTube channel. Understanding user search intent is also the first step to effective SEO.

People search for videos using Google as well as YouTube. And for many queries, Google now gives video precedence over other material. Which keywords will improve your YouTube video’s ranking has no established formula. Reverse engineering, however, can be quite useful.

To find a Google-friendly keyword for any video, follow these steps:

  • Use a tool like the Google Ads Keyword Planner to find potential keywords.
  • Google one of your possibilities.
  • Examine each keyword’s search engine results page (SERP). Are the first-page results written or video content?
  • Change your keyword and try once more.

2.Use succinct, evocative video titles.

When users find your material, they first notice the title. Additionally, it might be the last if it lacks punch. Here are some fundamental guidelines for crafting catchy YouTube titles:

Be succinct and to the point. YouTube videos with the most followings typically have the shortest titles. Keep your title to 60 characters or less to avoid having some of it cut off when it is shown.

In order to prevent losing important information, place your keyword(s) in the first half of the title. Most internet readers just pay attention to the first few words of a phrase before moving on.

Not all engaging content is clickbait. The most effective headlines highlight a clear benefit or elicit an emotional response. Though tempting, clickbait might harm your channel’s reputation.

3.Make unique thumbnails

Perhaps even more important than titles are thumbnails. We notice pictures first because it’s just how our brains are wired. One MIT study found that we process them in less than 13 milliseconds.

All videos on YouTube have automatically generated thumbnails, however they may be hazy or out of focus. Make a captivating unique thumbnail for each video you post to increase views. For optimum outcomes, we suggest following these straightforward “rules of thumb”:

Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels (but any 16:9 aspect ratio should work, as long as the width is at least 640 px)

JPG, GIF, or PNG file format; 2MB maximum file size

Text and colour additions will increase clicks.

If you can, choose a close-up picture.

When in doubt, choose a stock image.

4.Complete your profile’s data

A lot of YouTubers skip the profile area and dive right into making content. But one of the simplest ways to advertise your YouTube channel—and improve your SEO—is with a great profile.

The following are some guidelines for making a successful YouTube profile:

Be dependable. Use a colour scheme, writing style, and layout that is similar to those on your website and other social media platforms.

Improve the description of your YouTube channel. A great spot to include keywords is here. Even though YouTube penalises “tag stuffing,” a few keywords can go a long way.

entice viewers to return for more. When and how frequently will you publish new material? Make careful to keep to your timetable after letting fans about it. Include a phone number.

5.Improve the descriptions of your videos

We have a comprehensive guide on creating excellent YouTube descriptions that includes free, editable templates, advice for both individual video descriptions and channels.

Here are some general things to keep in mind while creating your YouTube video descriptions:

Prioritize your keywords in the title and description. The first 100 to 150 words, which display above the “SHOW MORE” button, should contain the most crucial information while still adhering to the 5000-character limit.

Make a “contents page” with timestamps to assist viewers in locating the information they need. Include links in appropriate playlists (more on this later).

Add a few pertinent hashtags. Before you post, make sure you abide by YouTube’s hashtagging guidelines.

6.Do not disregard metadata

When it comes to employing keywords, YouTube’s metadata requirements place emphasis on two things:

Be truthful.

Select superior quality over quantity.

Features like tags and categories are likewise subject to these guidelines. Only add tags to your upload in the “tags area”; skip the video description. Add one or two categories to help YouTube identify who to recommend your video to.

7.Provide actual value

Although it may seem obvious, it is nevertheless important to mention.

The greatest method to keep viewers interested and to perform well in YouTube search is with great content. That’s because YouTube prioritises the viewer experience in its ranking system.

Before publishing any videos, consider the following:

  • What issue is this video meant to address?
  • Is it enjoyable?
  • Will it in any way make viewers’ lives better?

One of our most well-liked videos to date is “How to Use Hootsuite in 13 Minutes.” Step-by-step instructions allowed us to teach viewers how to use a new tool. Actual engagement will follow when you deliver real value.

8.Produce excellent videos

Even the best content can be undermined by poor video quality. Make sure your content is polished before posting it. Use a good camera, test the sound before recording, and get a handle on basic editing techniques.

No one is a natural filmmaker, of course. If you’re a little rusty, review these guidelines for social video best practises.

9.Engage with your audience:

Real involvement goes beyond the development of content. The most popular YouTubers stay in touch with and engage with their audience continuously.

Even unfavourable comments from viewers should be responded to, so “heart” your favourites. Submit reaction videos. Find your biggest supporters using analytics, and give them special attention. So that it will help you to increase YouTube subscribers, views and likes for that you need to pay attention to your viewers—as well as the number of your subscribers.

Madylin Bailey, a musician, creates songs based on the abusive comments left on her videos. She made this video in retaliation to his “greatest hater,” she said. They get a lot of attention, and one even got her an America’s Got Talent audition.

10.Use an audience Q&A

One of the best methods to grow a community on YouTube is through Q&As. Request questions from your followers via comments, emails, or tweets. Make a video to address them then.

You may increase watch duration, view numbers, and engagement by demonstrating to your audience how important they are. Additionally, Q&As can come in handy when you run out of original content ideas. question and answers helps to engage audience.

This YouTuber saw that many of her followers referred to her as their “online big sister,” so she conducted a Q&A with some of her finest big sis advise, which included guidance on dating, finding new friends, and how to stop comparing yourself to other people.

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