10 Top Magazines in India for 2022


There are various and best magazines in India However, Reader Digest is one of the most well-known and has more than 3.48 million readers. It also features exclusive interviews with celebrities and politicians. One of the most popular publications published in India is Outlook which was first published in 1995. It has a vast array of information and is a great location to get the latest news and specials. Whatever reading style you prefer, you’ll find the right magazine for your preferences.


If you’re a writer and are interested in writing, think about submitting your work to various popular and best magazines in India. The Caravan is the first Indian long-form narrative journalism publication that includes poems and stories about topics that aren’t frequently discussed. The Bombay Review, a bi-monthly literary magazine, features poetry, short fiction, and an annual print anthology. For current news, you can try The Little Magazine, which accepts all writing from around the world and is a renowned publication that emphasizes the use of translations.


Business Today, published by Living Media India Limited, is among the top-selling businesses magazines published in India. The magazine provides readers with comprehensive information on India’s Indian economy and the trends it is experiencing. Alongside news on finance, Outlook Money delivers the most current information regarding banking, real estate, and insurance. Its extensive coverage is required for anyone who works in any industry. The most appealing aspect of? This category is also multilingual! It’s also a great choice for students. You can choose from a range of subjects in this area.


Filmfare is a fortnightly Hindi magazine and is among the most loved magazines in the nation. The magazine’s first issue was released in 1952, and it has since developed into a huge brand. It’s also the source of the award-winning Filmfare that recognizes the top films of the Hindi film industry. The viewers of Filmfare also appreciate articles about Bollywood and other forms of entertainment. Business Today is another best magazines in India and is the most-read business magazine in English.


Pratiyogita Darpan is an informative English magazine published in the name of Upkar Prakashan. The majority of its readers are business professionals. It’s an excellent source for UPSC preparation and has an average publication run of 6.89 million copies. The magazine’s headquarters are in Agra in India, as its Indian Readership Survey predicts that the readership total is five million. The typical issue is 2.154 million readers. CEO Magazine CEO Magazine also has a newsletter that you can sign up for to receive updates regularly about how business is going.


PD Group also publishes Samanaya Gyan Darpan in Hindi and Pratiyogita Darpan in English. That is among India’s most popular general knowledge books with daily news on the economy and is an excellent resource for studying for entrance examinations. It also contains the CSAT Chronicle, another great publication, and is an excellent source for competitive exams. It includes solved exam papers and assists candidates in deciding which kind of questions they’re likely to face.


Femina is among the top English publications in India and is owned by the world’s media. Femina has become a major force in almost every Indian woman’s home due to its huge circulation. It was established in 1959 and is among the most enduring English magazines globally. It is a source for gossip about celebrities, relationship advice, beauty tips, and many more. It’s not only about fashion, however. Femina is among the best magazines in India, with over 3 million subscribers.


Fortune magazine sets the most prestigious benchmark for corporate success, and the list of Fortune 500 companies around the world is the mainstay of the magazine’s contents. The magazine also contains business news and other articles to help entrepreneurs succeed. Entrepreneur India is a business magazine for entrepreneurs and has proven to be an essential resource for numerous entrepreneurs. It’s the most popular business publication around the globe. Alongside Forbes and Inc. India, Fortune is one of the most well-known and trusted business magazines worldwide.


Another well-known English publication that is popular in India includes Pratiyogita Darpan. It is published in India by the Conde Nast Indian Pvt. Limited., Pratiyogita Darpan is an important magazine across the nation and is widely read in cities. This premium British magazine is among the top magazines in India that provide readers with the latest news and developments across the globe. Alongside the latest fashions, Vogue also covers the latest news in music, gossip films, and other entertainment.


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